My Skills & Services

Over the last 9 years I have served as a digital strategist for multiple agencies, which has afforded me the chance to learn and understand the full spectrum of digital marketing. While this ranges from social media to websites, I specialize in a few key areas – technical SEO, Local SEO, and Google Analytics.

Search Engine Optimization

I can provide a full suite of technical and off-site SEO services. Though this covers the fundamental aspects of SEO, success goes beyond the technical details. A product and service that goes above and beyond any competitor can lead to even greater SEO success (in other words putting SEO “lipstick” on a pig is still a pig). Second, client buy-in and participation is critical at times. It is your business, your industry, and your connections. So there are times where your expertise will make the difference in creating copy or reaching out to a connection.

– Comprehensive site audits
– Keyword research
– Title tag & meta description optimization
– Content optimization
– Internal linking structure
– & structured data
– Inbound link audits & strategy development
– Local SEO (more below)

Local Search

For local service or brick & mortar companies, local search is a critical arena to build visibility with many of its own elements to maintain. Your website is the starting point – it needs to follow all of the fundamentals above while being optimized for your local market. From there it’s a matter of listing management, and that’s where I can assist as well:

– Google My Business listing optimization
– Additional listing management across Bing, Yelp, and more
– Citation audit & cleanup
– Review and sentiment analysis

Analytics & Analysis

Success online, from just owning a website to running strategic campaigns, depends on being able to measure traffic, behavior, and conversions. I can provide tracking program auditing, implementation, and performance analysis with extensive experience in Google products (and Google Analytics Individual Qualification certified):

– Google Analytics
– Google Tag Manager
– Google Search Console

Beyond setting up accounts and implementing the basic tracking code, Google Tag Manager is a key component to better understand user behavior including click tracking (both internal navigation and outgoing links), scrolling, and more. I work with clients, web designers, and web developers to determine the most relevant metrics to track unique to each situation and the best methods to implement it.

Google Ads & PPC Management

From start to finish I can help build, launch, and manage pay-per-click campaigns across Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other platforms:

– Keyword research
– Ad copy creation
– Account & campaign audits
– Landing page strategy
– Ongoing optimization

The Full Suite

While these are my core capabilities, I fully understand the complex world of digital marketing and understand how they are connected with other channels:

– Marketing Automation
– Email Marketing
– Social Media
– Video

If you are looking for these services, let’s have a conversation about your exact needs and if I can be a good fit.